CrossFit Daytona  is the FIRST (and baddest, most hardcore, O.G. mother Fu**ers) CrossFit Affiliate in the Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Port Orange, and Holly Hill areas.

What CrossFit Daytona is: A core and strength conditioning program based on functional training and movements, done over various times (short to long workouts) and Modes (types of exercises: Olympic lifts, power lifts, gymnastics, running, ect). The workouts don’t change, but are universally scalable based on individual fitness levels. Everything is tailored to the individual.

CrossFit Daytona trains in a group dynamic. This allows for people to learn from, and push each other, while a CrossFit certified trainer is present overseeing the entire workout stressing form, efficacy and efficiency.

What CrossFit Daytona is not: A boot camp for a month meeting in a park.  A Globo Gym that locks members into ridiculous contracts with no regard to fitness, health and wellness, or sense of community.

This is our life. This is our passion.  This is our love.  We put everything we have into our programming, training environment, and those who commit to training with us.

Click on any CrossFit Daytona to be taken to our home page: www.crossfitdaytona.com

Your first visit is free. Please contact us to set up a time.






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